How to Measure Success

How Do We Measure Success?

Each business is required to develop their own success measurements. It is a mistake, and against every principle of good entrepreneurship, to treat all businesses as if they were the same. So each owner must set their own goals, and their own desired outcomes.

We have, over the years reviewed the Program and changed the curriculum – that is, we are always asking:  What needs changing and what does not?!?

What do we do to assist in business success?

  • Interest Survey at first class.
  • Onsite discussions provide ongoing instruction and feedback.
  • Class evaluations for some of the classes.
  • Year-end survey: Interest, Quality, and Amount of Coverage of topics.
  • Year-end Small Business Management Program evaluation.
  • Ongoing research.
  • Review of Program by Board Of Directors

Over the Years What has Changed and What has Not?

  • Class content has changed greatly.  We don’t cover the same material in the same way.  For example, successful marketing is much different now than it was just a few years ago.
  • Each class is built around that particular group, which changes each year.
  • Each onsite is built around that particular business which changes for each business.
  • The structure of the overall Program has not changed.  We still offer monthly classes and monthly onsite sessions.


  • Students tell us!!!
  • People get more from face-to-face networking (in class), and from face to face personalized guidance (at onsites) than anything else!

Is our Small Business Management Program working well?!?

According to:

  • Enrollment (Business owners don’t need diplomas.  If we can’t help them do better business, they don’t need us.)
  • Student comments
  • Business successes

Yes! It is!!!


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